Find more ideal patient matches.

Our personalized matching system streamlines the process so you can easily grow your business by connecting with ideal patients in your area.
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Finding ideal patients to grow your practice is like finding
a needle in a haystack.

As therapists ourselves, we hear you! It is difficult to connect with new patients in your area who are not only looking for the services you provide, but also are the right fit for your unique skillset, life experience, and personality.

For therapists, by therapists.

We’ve created a way to match you with individuals in your area who are the best fit for your practice through a personalized criteria-match algorithm. Our therapist profiles allow you to showcase who you are as a therapist and what sets you apart from other practices in your area.

Modernized Profiles

Our custom profiles help you put your best foot forward. Tell us who you are and what you offer and we’ll match you with your ideal patient.

Tailored Matching

We’ve created a custom-tailored quiz for clients in your area for seamless connection. We ask more than just the basics because we understand you’re looking for the right fit, and they are too. We ask questions about your personality, your specialties, and the types of patients you “click” with to find the best match possible.

Quick + Simple

Our process is quick and easy. Setting up your profile takes just minutes, and we take care of the matching for you.
Create a Therapist Profile

Our speical launch offer:

6 months free!

Westchester Therapy was designed for therapists, by therapists. We decided it was time to create a better match experience.

Sign up today and get your first 6 months free.
Create a Therapist Profile
Practice & Group Discounts available.
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How It Works

Create your Profile

We’ve created a custom-tailored profile to match your services with new patients. The more information you provide, the better the matches!

Refine your Profile

We provide tips and tricks for putting your best foot forward so you can keep your profile up-to-date through our easy access portal.

Connect with Patients

See that inquiry that just came in? Start the conversation and let the journey begin!
Create a Therapist Profile
Plans & PRiCING

We’re in this together.

Knowing that the needs and desires of therapists are varied, we offer a multi-tier approach to help you customize the tool to best support your practice.

Your first 6 months are free.



Westchester Therapy stands behind our “better match” promise. Our unique questionnaire welcomes the client to be an active participant in the screening process, promoting better client-therapist compatibility.
Our Starter Membership offer is for Therapists who…

Are looking for better referrals

Want to empower clients and get better results

Seek a low-cost offer that provides great value

For Therapists looking for better referrals.
What’s Included:
Your Westchester Therapy standard profile listing
Client readiness resources sent directly to potential clients. TLDR: Less free consultation time!
Access to exclusive discounts with our resource partners.


Looking for a little extra business support? Our Plus Membership offer provides all of the support of our Starter Membership, but with some extra TLC!
For therapists looking for a little extra business support.
Everything in our Starter Membership
Practitioner to practitioner referral board
Access to resources to help reduce administrative time
Written resources to help you grow your practice. One new resource added per month!


Give me more! Our Premium Membership is for therapists looking to invest in more personal business support and professional connections.
For therapists looking to invest in more personal business support, and desire that professional connection.
Everything from Starter and Plus Memberships
Group Coaching, plus recordings for later viewing
Monthly Zoom office hours with Westchester team
Featured Directory Listing. Filter to the top!
Practice & Group Discounts available.
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Create a Therapist Profile

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